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My best friend texted me, he asked if I looked nice right now. I told him no, and he said to get ready so I look good, not to him, but to myself. Only text him back If I felt happy with how I looked. This confused me but I didn’t ask questions. I just got ready, and finally after an hour or two, I told him I felt happy with how I looked, sort of. The door rang about 10 minutes later, and my friends told me to come with them to the park. This confused me but I didn’t ask questions, I was bored anyways. We walked to the park, it wasn’t that far, and they said to sit on the swing set. I didn’t really like the swings at this park because it was the very place my first love broke up with me & shattered my heart. Just sitting on the swing hurt a bit, I went into silence at the memories. Suddenly, I was blindfolded. When my friends took it off, there he was. The boy who told me to get ready, I liked this boy, he was my best friend. He handed me a rose and got down on his knee. “I know this is one of your least favorite places. I also know you stopped believing in love after 2 shots to the chest. And you don’t like change. But this is good change, I think. I want to change this swingset from the place where you closed your door to love to the place where it just began. I’ve sat by & watched you get hurt long enough. You’re beautiful, smart, talented, sweet, funny. And impatient. So, I won’t drag this out. I love you, & I’d like to be your boyfriend…Will you go out with me?” This boy was my 3rd love, he made me feel special. It’s been 5 long years, & just today, he said those exact words. To propose.


I honestly hope I find someone this sweet, this genuine.

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Boys in button down shirts
Boys with kinda disheveled hair
Boys who lean on walls when they talk to you
Boys who do that thingy when they scratch the back of their head nervously when they’re talking

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Imagine if this was your life…

Holy shit.

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